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Added Value
Added Value
Riskeeper is a tool for dynamic claims analyses with the emphasis on simplicity, focus, accuracy and individual application. This gives the client a whole range of advantages.

1) Riskeeper is a dynamic system. This means we react quickly to changing demands and new developments bring improvements for all clients. Riskeeper also allows communication between clients so everyone can benefit from the experiences of others.

2) Riskeeper ensures that your company's claims data is accessible in the best possible format. Significant statistics can be generated quickly and flexibly to help you rationalize your insurance decisions.

3) Riskeeper not only saves time in gathering necessary claims information, but also saves money by consolidating and processing this data. As well as giving regular updates Riskeeper automatically reports new developments so you can quickly spot changes and trends. As a result Riskeeper helps you to monitor your company's claims situation.

4) Riskeeper provides excellent technical know-how. We have based our system on long-term experience in analysing and structuring claims data from the Fortune 500 multinational companies. This is reflected in the variety of data evaluation options. With Riskeeper, you get professional actuarial skills without having to hire expensive experts.

5) Riskeeper optimizes your data management and ensures continuity in data back-up, giving you independence from your insurers' or brokers' IT systems. We also enable you to preserve your statistics should you replace a service provider. Even if you change the fundamental structure of your insurance programs, Riskeeper maintains the consistency of your claims history.

6) Our experts will design claims studies to suit your specific needs. We offer all services relating to claims data management, whether it's optimizing the retention structure of your insurance programs, or setting up a captive feasibility study.