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Added Value
Riskeeper combines all the requirements of efficient claims data management into one process. Our experts take care of all the physical effort leaving you, the client, free for the important work: the intelligent use of information.

1) The process starts with the transfer of the raw data. You can do this yourselves or your brokers or insurers can. We don't need the information in a specific format, or even in a machine-readable form. We work with whatever data format you are using.

2) Our experts check the data and consolidate it into one dataset. We clarify any inconsistencies, gaps or ambiguous information with you immediately. We then develop an individual data manual for you which is constantly updated. After updating, electronic filters automatically make any necessary adjustments.

3) Riskeeper gives each client password-protected online access. If you want, you can set up a company-wide multi-user system to give selected personnel access to specific claims. Data security is central to our architecture, which ensures that information from different customers remains strictly separated.

4) The RiskeeperToolbox provides an extensive on-line analysis of the consolidated information. You can select the claims data by using criteria like business lines, countries or corporate divisions. Adjustments are then made for systematic influences (Inflation, IBNR). Using the available parameters you can define and generate almost any statistic.

5) You can save any statistics that Riskeeper generates on the local computer even if you don't want to use them immediately. In fact you can download everything that Riskeeper generates or stores and use it at any time.