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Captive Services
It is our goal to provide for a universal approach which puts corporations in the position to judge all aspects of a captive business model and to take the fundamental decision for or against the deployment of a captive structure independent of short term developments.

The success of a captive depends decidedly on the robustness of its business model. The common changes of the underlying economic framework (insurance market, re-insurance market, loss development, capital cost, etc.) must not dominate the result of a captive.

We accompany captives on their entire way from the first feasibility study via the compilation of a detailed business plan to the mid-term execution of the corporate strategy with matching risk and structuring information.

Eventually, the steering of the captive is supported ideally through the Riskeeper platform. Be it the modelling of varying exposures over time or the creation of a study on the ruin risk integrating individually aligned stress scenarios: For quite a few years, DAX Companies have applied our tools and our captive services successfully.