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Claims Analyses
Riskeeper provides the analytical tools to generate a large bandwidth of claims statistics. This produces a better understanding of a company's individual claims history. You don't need actuarial or other technical know-how to use Riskeeper because our analytical online tools are completely intuitive.

1) We provide numerous options for analyzing the current claims situation, including individual analysis of either your business or your insurance sectors. One of the first steps of insurance restructuring is estimating the average claim burden and the average claim number. These values are important for insurance structure analysis and particularly so for restructuring. Riskeeper automatically calculates these values for whichever line of business, country or subsidiary you require.

2) To give you more insight into your loss history, Riskeeper features different statistical views of the claims experience. You can easily calculate the financial impact of different SIR alternatives by splitting losses into appropriate claim bands. Riskeeper tracks the development of the average (trended) claims burden as well as the average claims number per line of business, allowing you to exclude unusually large claims from the analysis (truncate option).

3) You can use Riskeeper to analyze the actual claims volume and to analyze the reporting pattern of the claims. This gives you valuable insight into your risk financing.

4) Finally, Riskeeper generates 'As-If' calculations using the client's individual claim history. It can, for example, answer in seconds the question of what the insurance cover would have looked like if a particular retention structure had been applied years before.