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Transfer Solutions
Meaningful data can improve insurance structures in many ways. For example, by helping you to decide which risk transfer product best suits a particular risk. Or how to adjust standardized insurance products, or design specific risk transfer solutions.

The range of solutions has been expanding steadily for years, from combined insurance policies (Blended Cover, Double Trigger) via Multiline/Multiyear (MLMY) policies, right up to Finite Solutions. Some companies even consider the use of capital market products (Insurance Linked Securities) for risks which the traditional insurance market does not adequately cover.

Modern risk transfer strategies tend to maximise flexibility through the intelligent combination of different instruments. However, a holistic risk transfer strategy needs to consistently weigh up all the available options.

Whether you want to audit your traditional insurance cover or consider so-called Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) structures, our experts can advise you during all phases of evaluation and realization.